Comité de Lucha
Join our Lucha Committee where we come together and talk about the issues we face in our community such as immigration reform, healthcare, the fight for $15, voting rights, and more!

Comité de Lucha in Philadelphia, Thursdays/jueves @6pm. Contact
Comité de Lucha in Reading, Thursdays/jueves @6pm. Contact 
Comité de Lucha in Allentown, Wednesdays/miercoles @6pm. Contact


Amor Y Rabia - LGBTQ+ Justice
Are you upset about the constant attacks against the LGBT+ community and against people of color?Join Amor y Rabia, Make the Road PA's LGBT committee to fight against homophobia, transphobia, racism, and overall hate. Meet with us to talk about these issues and what we can do do make a change! When LGBT lives are under attack, what do we do? Stand up, fight back! Dinner is provided.

347 N 8th St. Allentown PA - Saturdays @4pm Contact


Comité de Padres - Reading Education Justice

Our parents committee, affiliated with Make the Road Pennsylvania, is a committee that fights for the public education of our students. We invite you to the meeting every Wednesday, at 6pm, 501 Washington Street, First Floor, Reading. We provide dinner. Contact Gaby:


Juventud En Camino

Juventud en Camino is a committee that reaches out to youth who is interested in joining the resistance against hate and working together with other youth who want to be a part of positive social change! Tuesdays in Allentown at 6pm 347 N. 8th St. with dinner.


Climate Justice Committee - Allentown

We want the people who govern Allentown to make citywide changes that will help stop the root causes of climate change. Like supporting clean renewable energy, helping stop unsustainable food consumption, and stop the constant attacks on our on food, air, and water. We support healthy food choices that are free from human, animal, and environmental exploitation.

- We support fixing up vacant lots across the city to be safer, cleaner, and healthier spaces.
- We support committing Allentown to transition to 100% clean renewable energy.
- We stand with Indigenous communities from all over the world who suffer from a foreign policy that makes many parts of the world inhospitable.
- We support refugees and migrants displaced by climate disasters.

Meets every 2nd and 4th Monday at 347 N. 8th St. Allentown at 6pm with dinner. Contact Armando:


Climate Justice Committee - Reading

The Reading Climate Committee meets every Friday at 501 Washington St, Reading at 5:01pm with dinner.

Contact Xavier:

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