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Who We Are


To build power for justice in Latinx and immigrant communities and working-class communities of color. Empower community members to be the principal agents and leaders in challenging and dismantling systemic oppression through community organizing, policy innovation, transformative education, and dismantling systemic oppression through civic engagement and advocacy.


MRPA envisions our work planting the seeds of collective liberation, helping to build a world based on justice and equality, where there is respect and dignity in all aspects of our lives, and where communities exercise self-determination. We empower individuals and communities to transform the balance of power – at work, at home, at school, and in any other public or private institution that makes decisions that impact us. We envision a more democratic way of building collective power, fostering participatory democracy inside and outside MRPA in order to take on bigger and bigger fights. We aspire to exercise that power to deliver lasting solutions to the problems facing our communities, including advancing racial and economic justice, pro-immigrant, pro-worker, pro-LGBTQ equality solutions, safe and affordable housing, and quality education for all.


Since 2014 we have fought to ensure respect and dignity for immigrant, poor, and working-class people across the state.

MRPA started by knocking on doors in Reading, PA, and reaching out to community members to ask them what they wanted to see changed in their neighborhoods and the state. Since then, we have dedicated ourselves to changing the state's narrative and putting our members' stories, their everyday struggles, and what matters to them to the forefront while also expanding to Allentown and Northeast Philadelphia. 

Because of the dedication of our members, we have grown into a powerhouse that 10,000 people call their political home. It is because of the strength of the members that we have been able to grow and run robust programs that help thousands of community members each year.

Together, we have done work to raise the minimum wage, shut down the Berks Detention Center, protect workers, fight for Puerto Rico, seek climate justice and protect our immigrant communities. Although the work is far from over, we are closer than ever to achieving our victories because of our membership and their relentless fight to ensure respect and dignity for all. 

Our Story


Our Values

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