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Issue-based Organizing

Our members lead us in campaigns that make tangible changes in our members’ lives and build power for justice in Latinx, immigrant, and working-class communities of color. We organize to push for changes at local, state, and national level in coalition with hundreds of other groups that have a similar vision of a future where everyone has their basic needs met, where community members are directly able to participate in democracy, where systems and structures are designed to serve and support those that are most vulnerable and where everyone is treated with dignity and respect. 


Our work is led by issue committees, groups of members that work together to determine the problems in their community, find solutions, build broad support, and then lead campaigns to enact policies that lead to those solutions. Our committees are spaces that allow members to learn new skills, build community, and take on leadership roles to ensure our work is entirely led and determined by those most impacted by the issues we work on. This allows our members to transform the balance of power that usually exists in our government and institutions and work towards making these spaces directly accountable to the community. 

Our Campaigns

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