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Immigrant Rights

We fight to end detention and deportation, ensure all PA residents regardless of immigration status can live with dignity and respect, and to build the leadership of immigrant members of our communities.

Our Work

Get to Know what we do

Immigration is an issue close to the hearts of many MRPA members and leaders. Many of our members are either undocumented or come from mixed-status families, meaning they feel the weight of our unjust and violent immigration system every day. One of only 3 family detention centers in the country was in the backyard of our organizing center in Reading for several years and continues to function now as a detention center for women. Undocumented residents of PA are unable to get a driver’s license, financial aid to attend college or health insurance. Many PA communities, including Hazleton, where we are building an organizing center, have a history of passing xenophobic and racist policies. These are the many policies that impact our members daily.


MRPA has worked hard to become a leader in the fight for immigrant rights locally in Eastern PA, at the state level, and nationally. We have weekly committee meetings and monthly membership assemblies where immigrant members build their leadership and organizing skills and work together to plan campaigns to fight for their rights. These are spaces where members feel safe to openly talk about how their immigration status has impacted them and their families and be in community with others who share similar experiences. These are spaces where actions are planned, education and learning happen, and new skills are developed. 

Our Campaigns

We are currently running campaigns at the local, state, and national levels that include:

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