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Civic Engament 

Our Work

Get to Know what we do

Make the Road PA runs robust voter registration and mobilization campaigns in 5 Counties across Eastern PA (Berks, Bucks, Lehigh, Luzerne & Philadelphia). We focus these campaigns on registering and turning out historically disenfranchised populations including black, brown, immigrant, and working class people. Census data released this past year show why this is especially important, with all the counties we work in seeing a greater than 25% increase in the Latinx population with some being as high as 118%. Despite these population shifts, elected officials in many of these places continue to not be representative of the communities they serve, highlighting why it is so important for our communities to engage civically and make their voices heard. 


Our civic engagement efforts also build leadership within our membership. Our voter registration and mobilization efforts are led by canvassers directly from the communities they canvass in, meaning they are able to relate to and connect with community members they speak to. We also have a core canvassing team that is on staff year-round allowing them to develop their leadership and organizing skills. Members take lead on running voter brigade efforts to turn their neighbors out to vote as well. 

Our Goals

2022 is a huge election year in PA with a competitive senate seat open on a national level and state elections for governor and the state legislature. We want to ensure that as many members of our community as possible are registered to vote and turn out for the election Our goals to make this happen include:

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