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Our Work

Get to Know what we do

Redistricting is a process that has a huge impact on our community’s ability to have a voice but many times community members on the ground are not given the tools to participate or even understand how the process works. That is why we made it a point to put our members at the forefront of our redistricting efforts. We worked with members to ensure they understood the redistricting process through holding 10 popular education training sessions that included information on what the redistricting process is, why it is important, how to draw unity maps and updates on where in the process we were at. We collected over 130 unity maps in Allentown, Philadelphia, and Reading and submitted them to the Legislative Reapportionment Commission to be considered as part of the redistricting efforts. We then went to Harrisburg in October to present our unity maps with other coalition partners and met with our state representatives to get their support for our unity maps. We and our members also tersified or submitted written testimony at  five  Legislative Reapportionment commission hearings. In all of these actions we were advocating for fair and equitable maps that would give our communities the opportunity to elect candidates of their choice. To get our members prepared for these meetings and for working on the unity maps, we held  10 popular education training sessions with our members. 

Our Goals

Thanks to our efforts, PA drew more equitable congressional maps but the fight is not over. Challenges to those maps and the threat of future attempts at gerrymandering are real. In order to combat this, our goals in 2022 are:

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